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About Alucoil

Larson composite panel is a high-tech product for architectural façade cladding. It is formed by two sheets of aluminum alloy 5005 bonded by a thermoplastic resin core (polyethylene PE) or a mineral filling core (FR). The advanced production process grants an extraordinary adherence, having double of the recommended parameters for AC. It can be easily machined and transformed, drilled, curved.

Aiming to complete security with proficient design, Larson has the widest range of coated finishes in the market at the highest quality in liquid PVdF ®70% Kynar 500 and in powder HQP termolac.

After intensive research and development, ALUCOIL has managed to combine the natural qualities of the honeycomb structure with its industrial experience in the manufacturing of structural metal panels, obtaining a final product capable of offering integrated solutions to various requirements.