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About Vistawall


The start of The Vistawall Group goes back to 1962 when a company called Aluminum Fronts, a subsidiary of Texas Aluminum, was founded in Terrell, Texas. Through growth and acquisitions, Vistawall has enjoyed steady growth in sales, manufacturing capacity and manpower to establish itself as an international industry leader.

Vistawall Around the World

Vistawall has facilities throughout the USA, United Arab Emirates and in China. Our systems are sold worldwide to customers who appreciate high quality products and services. We offer innovative solutions for building envelopes while ensuring the highest levels of structural reliability with
maximum design freedom and creativity.

Vistawall International in Dubai

A regional office was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2001 to service markets in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.
Since then, the company has expanded and trained companies in key markets to insure proper fabrication and installation of our systems.
Every product we develop is tested to the most stringent international specifications. New products are introduced after all performance criteria are met and thoroughly verified.
As a company we are geared to achieving levels of service and quality that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


From our base in Dubai, we provide a quick response to queries and requests from building owners, consultants, architects, contractors, and fabricators. Our team of representatives, estimators, designers, draftsmen and structural engineers are ready to meet our customers on short notice to discuss specific project requirements.

Why Vistawall International?

An international company with a strong track record in architectural aluminum systems with a regional office to supply all your needs.
• Experienced Design and Engineering team: proven performance in projects around the world
• Design flexibility: adaptability to suit specific project requirements.
• Value Engineering: decrease costs without sacrificing aesthetic or performance specifications.
• Fabrication and Installation support: Insures proper fabrication and installation of our systems.
• Cost competitiveness.
• Rapid response to all queries.
• System warranties.
•ZG-2000 Stick Curtain-wall
o Adaptable to meet worldwide architectural aesthetic and performance requirements.
• VU Unitized Curtain-wall
o State of the art pressure equalized system, pre-assembled and pre-glazed in the factory.
• Merit Window and Door
o High performance thermal and non-thermal systems.
• BMS-3000 Skylights
o Designed to meet stringent specifications.
• Custom Systems
o In-house design for projects with special requirements.