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Aluminum Experts Company, Alexco, was founded in 1982 by Nadim Al-Awar who had acquired his experience for the past 30 years manufacturing and installing all types of aluminum and glass in Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA and UAE.
Alexco realized from day one that success, continuity and progress relies on delivering high quality outcome taking into consideration international standards and incorporating the latest innovations in the aluminum industry.

This prominent status was reached by evolving from the traditional and simple, and rising to the execution of large projects such as those of Curtain Wall, Structural Silicone, Composite panel, Skylights, Spider and Thermal Break Profiles. This was not achievable without incorporating the latest innovations, cooperation with creative architects and deploying advanced products, all backed up by our qualified staff.

All would have not been competent without the sincere trust and support of our clients and the cooperating consulting companies.

We do business honestly and effectively to achieve high quality and recognition.

We demonstrate positive attitude and team work which focusing on creativity and innovation.

Consequently our dedication to deliver high standard of work has induced us to set the following quality management standards:
High quality raw materials from the most reputable and reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Foreign consulting companies and agencies that continuously provide Alexco with their latest achievements and technological advancements VISTAWALL, Prisma.
Technical research team that are always on the move seeking new aluminum profiles, installation techniques and systems.

Dedicated engineers that support Alexco’s clients with all technical specifications, structural plans, calculations and shop drawings.
Experienced workshop and on site supervisors along with highly trained craftsmen and installation workers.
Thorough studies of projects that requires information acquisition, excessive calculations, planning, testing and assessment.